IOM works to protect migrant rights, including the right to family life. We assist with family reunification through our worldwide network of IOM offices in more than 100 countries. Through this programme, we provide logistical assistance to family members who have received permission to join their relatives in Norway.

How to request assistance for family reunification

Before family reunification can take place, the Norwegian Directorate of Immigration (UDI) must approve the visa applications. You may send your application to the UDI or to the local embassy.​

Check your eligibility and criteria with the UDI 

Once you have been granted a family reunification permit, you may fill out the family reunification application form and send it to Please note that this service can only be requested electronically.


IOM has extensive experience in assisting unaccompanied minors with international travel and can provide an escort if necessary.


IOM cannot provide financial support for family reunification, nor information on where to find funds. However, IOM do offer flexible airfares at reduced prices and extra baggage allowance. Contact your local NAV office for more information. Applicants must cover the costs, or find a sponsor to assist with the payment. The Norwegian Labour and Welfare Administration (NAV) may provide financial support/loan.

Probable costs

  • International and domestic air tickets for family.
  • Ground transportation to/from airports.
  • Escort assistance (round-trip ticket, accommodation, travel allowance, etc).
  • Service fees related to pre-departure assistance, transit assistance, exit permit, medical examination and other travel related costs.

Travel documents and visas

IOM cannot assist with obtaining travel documents or visas. However, we can provide information on the procedures through consultation.

We can provide the following assistance

  • Coordination with IOM offices worldwide.
  • Facilitation of travel arrangements (international and domestic tickets) from departure country to a final destination in Norway.
  • Flexible IOM fares at reduced prices, and extra baggage allowance.
  • Verification of travel documents.
  • Advise on obtaining exit permission/visa.
  • Accommodation arrangements (if applicable).
  • Assistance with medical cases, including determining if passenger is fit to travel.
  • Arranging a (medical) escort (if applicable).
  • Assistance at airport of departure, transit and arrival.

Please note that IOM Norway’s role in family reunification cases is to act as a coordinator between the sponsor/family in Norway and the IOM office in the country of departure.

IOM's process

  1. Sponsor/family must fill out the online application form below and attach UDI's approval letter (vedtak).
  2. IOM will send cost estimate to sponsor/family.
  3. If sponsor/family approves cost estimate, payment must be transferred to IOM’s bank account.
  4. IOM confirms receipt of payment and starts the booking procedure.
  5. IOM in the country of departure checks the family members’ travel documents and makes travel arrangements.
  6. IOM informs sponsor/family about travel details and arranges assistance accordingly.
  7. Post arrival, IOM verifies the actual costs incurred and informs sponsor if a reimbursement or additional payment is required.

IOM's services are voluntary. If you do not wish assistance from IOM, you may contact the Norwegian embassy or consulate where you are located and arrange the air tickets directly with your preferred airline(s).