I was struggling with eyesight problems and returned to Bangladesh with IOM Norway's Vulnerable Group (VG) project, which provides assistance to returnees in particularly difficult situations. I could not see with my right eye. I was not able to do my business properly so my partner was taking care of my business. I needed to go for treatment, and had surgery on my left eye. After the recovery of my left eye, I will look after my partnership business I started with reintegration money from IOM.

To a very large extent, the reintegration plan prepared by me and IOM Norway was possible given the conditions in Bangladesh. IOM Norway counselled and prepared me very well prior to my return. I had realistic expectations with regards to what assistance IOM Bangladesh could offer. I live very far from Dhaka and Sylhet, but IOM was still able to reach me by telephone.

IOM Bangladesh has been a very active member of IOM since 1990 and provides (among many other things) expertise on health, counter-trafficking and repatriation in South-east Asia.

"All the staff of IOM Norway is very much cooperative in coordination and communication in any aspect."

SDG 10 - Reduced Inequalities