Blerina and her husband Armend came to Norway in 2013 in the hope of a building a new life; they also hoped Armend would receive much needed medical treatment.

​After months of trying they were unable find work and life in Oslo became increasingly difficult. With the help of IOM Blerina and Armend planned their return home to Albania. "We were informed of the possibilities to travel," said Blerina. "The support grant covered some of Armend’s medical bills, it also helped with our living expenses giving me time to look for work."

​Blerina is now working in a call-centre, but their situation remains difficult – "I have a job and this is the only good news. We have no house of our own and Armend’s medical expenses are costly," says Blerina.

​"Our life here is better here than in Norway. In Norway I had no chance to work at all." Like thousands of European economic migrants Blerina cites job opportunities as a pull factor. But her advice to other Albanians in Norway is, “if you think you could have a job in Albania it would be a waste of time to stay in Norway for nothing.”


SDG 10 - Reduced Inequalities