Laurenti returned to Argentina in September 2012 with support from IOM Norway’s Financial Support to Return project after having spent only a few months in Norway. Originally a citizen of Ukraine, Laurenti chose to return to Argentina where his daughters are living and where he has a residence permit. Upon arrival, Laurenti received the equivalent to 20 000 NOK by IOM Buenos Aires in reintegration support. He spent 2 000 USD of this money on his daughters and put the rest in a savings account.

Currently, Laurenti is working as a carpenter in La Pedrera in Uruguay. La Pedrera is a town close to the Argentinian border that attracts a lot of tourists, and Laurenti and his team are currently constructing houses to be sold to tourists. While he misses the tranquillity of Norway, he is happy and plans to buy land in Uruguay where he foresees himself living in the future. For him, there is more work in Uruguay and the economy there is more stable compared to Argentina.

When asked about his return experience, Laurenti replied: "I am grateful for the support I received from IOM and I was really pleased with the experience of returning with IOM."

"Please come and visit me and see how beautiful this place is!"

SDG 10 - Reduced Inequalities