“I am very happy with the assistance from IOM for my return and reintegration back home. I do not think my reintegration would be possible without it.”

​Orjon returned to Albania from Norway in February 2013. He received reintegration support for unaccompanied aged-out minors through IOM’s Vulnerable Groups (VG) project which entailed close follow-up from IOM Norway prior to leaving Norway and close follow-up from IOM Albania after arrival. IOM Albania contacted Orjon’s family and informed them that he was willing to return home. His family was happy to hear that Orjon wanted to come back and they made it clear that they would welcome him upon return. The local IOM office also went into dialogue with Orjon and his family on how to establish a successful business plan for the IOM reintegration assistance.

​As Orjon has always been interested in cars, he utilized some of the IOM reintegration support to attend a three month car mechanics course in Tirana. He hopes that he can use his newly acquired car mechanic skills to get a job and build his future as he sees a great need for such skills in Albania. In addition, and in line with the reintegration plan developed in cooperation with IOM, he and his family bought six cows. They developed an income-generating business that has increased the family’s income. The cows produce milk that the family sells at the local market. Through this business, the family is now able to both cover their basic needs and to sponsor Orjon who continues studies in the town of Tropoja.

​The reintegration assistance for unaccompanied minors and aged-out minors has a total value of 7 800 USD and includes support for the returnee and his or her family in the areas of education and training, housing allowance, medical support and business start-up. Orjon says that the reintegration support was very useful for his reintegration process in Albania.

SDG 10 - Reduced Inequalities