• As soon as the case is processed and the airline tickets are booked, IOM will send a travel letter by email with detailed information regarding the travel. 

  • UDI can reverse cases at any time up until departure if they consider that the criteria is no longer fulfilled. This is out of IOM’s control. If this is the case, the applicant/reception centre will be informed as soon as possible.


  • Changes to the travel is not allowed without a medical certificate.

  • It is not allowed to have a stopover/overnight stay during transit.

  • Travel date, route and airline varies depending on ticket availability, IOM’s airline agreements, price, capacity at airports and the local IOM offices.

When to be at the airport

  • Usually the time to be at the airport is 2-3 hours before departure, depending on airline, number of travellers and destination.

Transport to Oslo

  • The reception centres are responsible for arranging the travel to Oslo airport Gardermoen.

  • IOM will arrange the air travel to Oslo for private stayers.


  • It is very important that the applicant complies with the airlines baggage allowance. The number of bags/kilos allowed varies from airline to airline as well as destination.

  • The price for overweight luggage depends on the airline and destination. For exact prices you can check the airlines webpage.

Travel with children

  • Persons pregnant with one child can travel as normal up to week 28 of the pregnancy. Between week 28 and 35 they will have to obtain a medical certificate stating that they are "fit to fly". The certificate has to be written in English, and can be no older than 7 days prior to departure. For multiple pregnancies, such as twins, there are stricter rules.

  • Children under 2 years will not get their own seat on the airplane, and can only check in one bag of 10kgs + one changing bag.

  • If a child is travelling with only one parent, the airline can ask for an authorization letter stating that the other parent agrees to this.

Special Needs

  • With regards to medical equipment such as a wheelchair, extra oxygen, special medicines etc., IOM needs to be informed early in the application process.

  • If the applicant is bringing his/her own wheelchair to be checked in, we need to know the height, width, length, weight, if it’s manual or electric and what kind of battery it has.

  • It is possible to borrow wheelchairs at the airports, but we need to know if the applicant can walk in stairs and to his/her seat by themselves. If the applicant is not able to get to the toilet on board the aircraft by themselves, then it is not possible to travel without an escort. IOM needs to be informed about this early in the application process.

At the airport

  • IOM will be waiting at the meeting point on the second floor in the departure hall at the scheduled time.

  • IOM will assist with the check in process for all those travelling with IOM.

  • IOM will assist all travellers to the gate where they will receive the IOM bag.

    • In the bag, it will be a travel allowance, copy of the airline tickets, contact information to IOM in the home country, information regarding the distribution of the financial support, copy of the acceptance letter with information about the financial support, private documents that IOM has received from Norwegian authorities, and any other relevant documents. They will also receive the boarding cards and the travel documents.

The flight

  • IOM only uses recognized airlines that are not blacklisted by the European Commission (EC). The chosen airline depends on route, capacity, price, airline agreements and the need for assistance.

  • All flights depart from Oslo airport Gardermoen.


  • IOM provides transit assistance at most airports.

  • With a few exceptions, the minimum transit time is 2 hours

  • In case of delays or cancellations the IOM representative will assist with the rebooking’s.

  • Many applicants are unsure if they will be met or not in their home country. With regards to this there are some points to consider:

    • IOM offers arrivals assistance at the large airports in most countries (not mandatory)

    • IOM usually meets the applicant after he/she has collected their luggage and passed through the customs.

    • At some airports it’s not possible with assistance if the arrival is late in the evening

    • If the travel is urgent, it can be possible to travel earlier if arrival assistance is not required.

    • For those who will be met by family, it is not necessary to be met by IOM as well.

    • In some countries, we recommend arrival assistance, especially for those traveling with a temporary travel document (Laissez-Passer).

    • If the applicant can’t/don’t want to me met at arrival, he/she will receive the cost of transport from the airport to the final destination before departure from Oslo.

    • The financial reintegration support will not be distributed at the airport in the home country, but at the local IOM office.