VARP Processes


The Voluntary Assisted Return Programme (VARP) is a return assistance programme offered to asylum seekers and migrants without a legal right to stay in Norway. It aims to assist those planning to return voluntarily to their home countries in an organised, safe, and dignified manner. 

VARP has provided crucial assistance to over 35,000 migrants voluntarily returning to their countries of origin since the programme began in 2002.  VARP is part of a comprehensive approach to migration management at IOM and can include individualized reintegration assistance upon arrival at the country of origin depending on the support granted by UDI (Norwegian Directorate of Immigration).

Who is eligible?

1. Asylum seekers with a:

  • Pending asylum claim

  • Rejected asylum application

  • Rejected asylum appeal

  • A withdrawn asylum application

2. Any migrant not registered with the Government of Norway and without a legal permission to stay in Norway.

How to apply?
  • Submit requests for the Voluntary Assisted Return Program (VARP) directly to The Norwegian Directorate for Immigration (UDI).

  • UDI is responsible for the acceptance/refusal of the application.

  • UDI will forward accepted cases to IOM for VARP assistance. 

How can IOM assist?
  • Provide information about the situation in the country of origin and the available assistance.

  • Provide counselling sessions and tailored guidance.

  • Assist in the issuance of travel documents.

  • Arrange air travel to the country of origin and onward transportation within the country, if needed.

  • Assist at airports at departure, transit and upon arrival, if possible.

  • Provide reintegration assistance in cash and/or in-kind, in cooperation with the IOM office in the return country.


For further information regarding the application process, The Norwegian Directorate for Immigration (UDI) and The International Organization for Migration (IOM) are available to support.

Please contact:

The Norwegian Directorate of Immigration (UDI) 


Telephone: (+47) 23 35 16 00


IOM Norway


Telephone: (+47) 40 62 32 77 | (+47) 23 10 53 20