We receive many questions about assisted voluntary return and reintegrationtravel regulations, and financial support. On this page, we have tried to answer the most common ones. Should you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us.

IOM has assisted thousands of people with their return from Norway throughout the years. Every migrant experience and every story is unique. We have collected some of these Stories of Return.


Assisted Voluntary Return and Reintegration (AVRR)

This varies greatly, depending on the documentation that an applicant is in possession of. Some people may be able to travel within a couple of weeks, while it may take some months for others. If an applicant can provide us with a valid travel document, an application can be processed quicker.

Norwegian authorities can see that you have an active application for return with IOM. However, an application with IOM is never a guarantee that Norwegian authorities will not deport you.

Should I travel with IOM; will it have consequences for my possibility to return to Norway?

No, the return with IOM will not have any consequences in itself. However, your case with the Norwegian authorities may impact the possibility for return. IOM does not know you case with Norwegian authorities, therefore you need to ask them yourself. If you return to Norway within two years, you may be asked to pay back all or parts of any financial support you received.

Can IOM guarantee for my safety when returning voluntarily with IOM to my home country?

IOM cannot guarantee your safety when returning voluntarily. To travel with IOM is a voluntary decision, and it is your responsibility to familiarise yourself with the security situation in the country and region you are returning to.

Can I choose which country I wish to travel to? Can I return to another country than where I am originally from

You can only apply to travel to your country of citizenship, or where you have a valid residence permit. There are some destinations that IOM cannot assist to. IOM Norway is not able to assist asylum seekers to return to another “Dublin country”.

Please call our office for more information about this.



When can I travel?

As soon as your application is completed, flight tickets will be booked. The processing time varies from case to case. Some people may be able to travel within a couple of weeks, while it may take some months for others. If you can provide us with a valid travel document, an application can be processed quicker.

Unfortunately, this is not possible. However, we always try to find the best and shortest route based on IOM’s flight agreements.

There is no passport requirement for domestic flights, but IOM recommends to travel with an asylum seeker’s card or another form of ID as you may be asked to identify yourself. See more information from the police here. If you would prefer not to travel by airplane, it is possible to consider other means of transportation such as bus and/or train.

Can I fly directly to my final destination?

Whenever possible we try to book direct flights, but there are also other concerns to take into account. This could be flight schedule, ticket costs and availability.

If you are waiting by the Meeting Point on the 2nd floor, you can call them directly. Their phone numbers are indicated on the travel letter sent to you when your trip was booked.

The pocket money is intended for any expenses you may encounter during your travel, such as for food and beverage.

Will I be assisted in transit?

Yes, we offer transit assistance in most airports.

How much luggage can I bring?

Luggage allowance depends on the rules of each airline. You can bring 1 or 2 pieces, but the weight varies according to airline and final destination. You will receive information about your luggage allowance in writing as soon as your ticket has been booked.

If you have any luggage exceeding the luggage allowance you will need to pay for this with a bank card or with cash in Norwegian currency (NOK).

I have a pain in my foot/leg and have trouble walking, is it possible to receive assistance?

Yes, we can book a wheelchair in advance for you so that you do not have to walk long distances.

I am pregnant – can I still fly?

If you are pregnant and have had an uncomplicated pregnancy, you can fly until week 28. From week 28, you would need a doctor’s approval in order to fly.

Why is the meeting time at the airport so long before departure?

You need to meet at the airport well ahead of departure. This is because it takes a while to distribute pocket money and documents, in addition to the time it takes to check-in, and go through security and passport control. Many applicants may also be travelling at the same time.

Can I bring a TV?

It is not recommendable to bring a TV, as the airlines do not cover any potential damages incurred during the journey.

What is the purpose of the IOM bag?

The IOM bag given at Gardemoen makes it easier for other IOM staff to identify you during your transit and upon arrival. The bag also contains important travel information.

How will I know if I have a valid travel document?

For your travel document to be valid, no pages may be missing or torn, the photo cannot be loose and the document cannot be damaged by water or fire. Most importantly, the document must not have expired. If you are in doubt, it is recommended to inquire with your Embassy.

Can I return to Norway again?

A return to Norway depends on your immigration/visa status, and you need to clarify this with The Norwegian Directorate of Immigration (UDI). If you have received any financial support and return to Norway within 2 years, you may have to refund the received support to Norwegian authorities.


Financial Support to Return (FSR)

How much will I receive in financial support?

The amount will depend on the time you apply and some other factors. It is The Norwegian Directorate of Immigration (UDI) that decides how much money you can receive. Please see The Norwegian Directorate of Immigration (UDI)’s webpage for information to read about the different amounts of support and the requirements for receiving it.

Is it possible to receive the financial support in Norway?

The distribution of your financial support takes place in your destination country, and is therefore not possible to receive the financial support in Norway.

It will normally take 3 weeks after arrival, but this can vary from country to country. It also depends when you contact the IOM office in your home country after arrival, who will distribute the financial support. IOM recommends that you contact the local IOM office as soon as possible after you have returned, in order for you to receive the financial support as soon as possible. Your IOM bag will contain the contact information to the local IOM office.

Please get in touch with your local IOM office. Your IOM bag will contain their contact information.

Can the financial support be transferred to my family member’s bank account?

Yes, this may be possible with a written authorization/confirmation letter from you.

Can I get the financial support in USD?

The payment of the financial support is primarily given in the local currency. Exceptionally, the support may be paid in a different currency, normally USD, depending on the situation in the country of return.

May I get the financial support at the airport when I land at my final destination?

For security reasons, this is unfortunately not possible.